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Baltimore GiveCamp 2013

GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for nonprofit organizations. Since its inception in 2007, the National GiveCamp program has provided benefits to over 150 charities, with a value of developer and designer time exceeding $1,000,000 in services! This custom software could be a new website for the nonprofit organization, or a small data-collection application to keep track of members. The only limitation is that the project should be scoped to be able to be completed in a weekend.

During GiveCamp, developers are welcome to go home in the evenings or camp out all weekend long. There is usually food and drink provided at the event. There are sometimes even game systems set up for when you and your team need a little break! Overall, it’s a great opportunity for people to work together, develop new friendships, and do something important for their community.

At GiveCamp, there is an expectation of “What Happens at GiveCamp, Stays at GiveCamp”. Therefore, all source code must be turned over to the nonprofit organizations at the end of the weekend (developers cannot ask for payment) and the nonprofits are responsible for maintaining the code moving forward (organizations cannot expect the developers to maintain the codebase).

Further Information:

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Our Code of Charity

Compassion - GiveCamp is a Charity Event. There are no expectations on either side. We are not doing this to become an integral part of the nonprofit organization. There is absolutely no payment or monetary compensation expected nor allowed. We are not expected to continue to support or maintain anything. We are only trying to bring something to an organization that they have perhaps never had before – technical expertise helping make a Charity Miracle A Possibility!

Human - GiveCamps are Emotional. The pure excitement that comes to everyone who helps is emotionally charging. The spirit of giving back to the community for a good cause is a new experience for many. At the end of the GiveCamp, teams will present their project to the entire group. The sheer joy that ensues is definitely to be witnessed and experienced.

Associations - GiveCamps Help Build New Relationships. Networking with new friends helps build strength in the community. Networking with nonprofit organizations, developers and technical people, as well as the sponsors and contributors is a vital part of what GiveCamps are all about. For many it is a connectional boost that they would otherwise never see.

Remnants - “What Happens at GiveCamp, Concludes at GiveCamp”. Therefore, all source code is turned over to the nonprofits at the end of the weekend and the organizations are responsible for maintaining the code or project moving forward. Developers cannot ask for payment and will not expect payment. nonprofit organizations cannot expect the developers to maintain the code or project they deliver. Developers are welcome to continue their efforts beyond GiveCamp if the nonprofit organization and the developers are in such agreement, but it is not expected.

Intense – Three Intense Days of Development. Teams devoted to a project and a solution to help. GiveCamps have many stresses and triumphs. Teams “put their pencils down” on Sunday and freeze their projects. Sometimes the final touch doesn’t happen until that last second, but it is intense and exciting just taking the journey.

Teams – GiveCamp Teams Work as a Unified Resource. The developers and leaders all share and help feed off of each other which makes more magic possible than any other format. When one team struggles, there are others to jump in and lend a hand. Everyone is working for a common goal – contribution to the community and the success of their project.

You – Everyone is Important…That Includes You. From the nonprofit organizations to the developers to the volunteers to the organizers, everyone is very important to the GiveCamp. We cannot be successful without YOU!!


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