CMAP Code Camp
By and For the Developer Community.

CMAP offers the best code camps in the Central Maryland fact, the only code camps in the Central Maryland area. We typically host a code camp every six months (spring and fall) and provide a variety of speakers and give-aways.

If you are unfamiliar with CMAP code camps, learn more by clicking here.

Our next Code Camp is:
Soon to be announced

Previous CMAP Code Camps

Code Camp DateAttendedSessions
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2012 December 1NA*NA*
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2011 November 12NA*NA*
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2010 November 0616327
CMAP Code Camp Spring 2010 May 0815930
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2009 November 0715730
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2008 October 2514330
CMAP Code Camp Spring 2008 April 1212524
CMAP Code Camp Fall 2007 October 1311524
CMAP Code Camp Spring 2007 April 2110429

* Details coming soon


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