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CMAP Main Meeting

Date:   Tuesday, January 3, 2017      6:30 PM

Location: HCC Business Training Center  (map and directions)


ASP.NET Core Development Workflow with Docker
By: Wyn Van Devanter

Now that .NET Core is cross-platform, we can run applications based off of it in Docker containers. This opens the opportunity to deploy our ASP.NET Core apps inside containers, but it also means we can use Docker during the development process. We can use a container that has the .NET Core SDK installed, and use it to build and run our app. We don’t have to install .NET Core on our host computer, and we can spin up a lightweight environment with a database in minutes. We can then share this environment with our teammates via the Docker images, so they have the same things installed and can get up and running quickly. I will demo this process after going over the very basics of Docker. We will then build our own ASP.NET Core development environment container, learning what that involves. I will be using Docker for Mac, but the process is practically identical on Windows or Linux.

About Wyn Van Devanter -

Wyn is currently a managing consultant & senior developer with Excella consulting and over the years has developed solutions in a number of different sectors, including banking, finance, law, energy, transportation, federal government and non-profit. He has been developing web-based applications for over ten years on the .NET stack, with other frameworks and tools as appropriate, such as JavaScript and Angular. He strives to be a good software craftsman and practitioner by using TDD, SOLID, continuous integration and Scrum. He is a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), a co-coordinator of the Tech Talk DC user group, and has spoken various events around the region. Wyn enjoys playing music, skiing, camping, cultural activities and finding out what makes people tick. Lately, Wyn has been working in Angular, the ASP.NET Web API, and has been deep diving into ASP.NET Core and Docker.


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