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CMAP Main Meeting

Date:   Tuesday, December 6, 2016      6:30 PM

Location: HCC Business Training Center  (map and directions)


ASP.NET Development without Windows
By: Kevin Griffin

Since the introduction of ASP.NET in the early 2000's, the recipe for deploying ASP.NET-based applications has stayed the same. Develop your code with Visual Studio on Windows, and deploy your applications to IIS on Windows Server. While a few alternative deployment strategies existed, the common recipe required WINDOWS and VISUAL STUDIO.

With the uprising of Linux-based servers and services, what if you could develop your ASP.NET applications within Ubuntu or on a Mac and then deploy on to Linux? Lower your cost of ownership. Increase your deployment speed. Open your development teams to a new world of tooling that has never existed on Windows.

In this presentation, Kevin Griffin will guide you through the tools and workflows of developing an ASP.NET Core application on Ubuntu and eventually deploying to a Linux-based server in real time. Absolutely no Windows within the workflow!

Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will learn how to harness command-line tooling for scaffolding applications
  2. Attendees will learn how to use Visual Studio Code and/or Atom Editor as an alternative to Visual Studio
  3. Attendees will learn how to deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Linux-based servers running on Microsoft Azure

About Kevin Griffin -

Kevin Griffin is an author, teacher, mentor, and consultant focusing in software development. He is the author of the Twilio Blueprint ( As an independent consultant, Kevin specializes in helping businesses push their technology stacks into the 21st century. You can often find Kevin speaking at conferences and user groups across the country or blogging at


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