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CMAP Main Meeting

Date:   Tuesday, July 7, 2015      6:30 PM

Location: HCC Business Training Center  (map and directions)


Getting started with Xamarin.Forms
By: Ed Snider

Learn how to build native mobile apps with code that can be shared across iOS, Android and Windows - including UI code - with the Xamarin.Forms toolkit. In this talk I will show you all around the Xamarin.Forms APIs and how to quickly build UIs with C# and XAML that will run natively on iOS, Android and Windows. We will explore the controls and features in the toolkit as well as how to tap into platform specific APIs to extend Xamarin.Forms to build rich native mobile app experiences.

About Ed Snider -

Ed Snider is a Senior Software Developer at InfernoRed Technology, a speaker, and a Xamarin MVP based in the DC/Northern VA area. He has a passion for mobile development, regularly speaking a local user groups and community events and is the founder and organizer of the Northern VA Mobile C# Developers Group. Ed is primarily focused on building mobile solutions on the Windows, iOS and Android platforms for small and large organizations and has been working with .NET for over 10 years. Ed blogs at and can be found on twitter at


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